The emphasis that Local 449 places on health and safety, both in training and on the job site, keep our journeymen safe and equipped to prevent accidents and injuries. The knowledge and preventative training we provide during an apprenticeship form the backbone of our all-encompassing approach to safety, and providing ongoing training to all members keeps our job sites protected.

In the construction industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA is a federal agency that provides guidelines and training to employers and laborers to address workplace hazards. Local 449 works closely with the agency to uphold the standards and practices they set forth to keep our journeymen safe on sites. This cooperative approach underscores Local 449’s commitment to fostering a culture of safety across all facets of our work.

The commitment to safety in Steamfitting can be seen throughout Local 449’s training programs as apprentices will receive several different safety certifications in addition to their trade work. These include OSHA and First Aid training, with preparation to take the OSHA-30 exam if they choose, and ICRA 10, Arc Flash, Scissor Lifts, and Aerial Boom training. All apprentices receive this training so both Building Trade and HVACR students will be prepared for preventing and handling accidents on the job. 

After becoming a journeyman, a member can expect to receive ongoing education on the newest OSHA and Local 449 standards and regulations. By keeping our methods up to date, we ensure that our members can stay hard at work without fear of injury.