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The Steamfitter Apprenticeship Program is essentially a scholarship. You will NOT need to take out student loans.

The program length is five years. During this time you will work for a contractor 40+ hours per week and attend classes. The first year is considered probationary. Work will be done under the supervision of a journeyman for your on the job training. Pay is set at a percentage of the going Journeyman rate, with a 10% raise every year. Full fringe benefits are provided from the first day of work.

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solid earning potential in a growing industry

A graduating apprentice has the opportunity to out perform college graduates not only in salary but will graduate from the apprenticeship program without accruing additional educational debt.

typical college graduate

typical Union Apprentice

Apprentice Wages

$33K - $75k

Journeyman wages

$68K - $94k

foreman wages

$75K - $104k

Whether you are just beginning in the trades or have experience in the field, Local 449 offers programs to accommodate your skill level. If you have any questions, you can contact our offices or click the link below to learn more about the application process.


building trades & HVAC-R services

Steamfitters Local 449 offers two career paths. Determining your concentration will impact the types of skills you learn and your overall journey in the trades.

Building Trades: Program instruction covers the installation of commercial and industrial process piping systems. Welding certification plays a big part in the education process in this program.

HVAC-R Services: Also called the “Mechanical Equipment Service Program” or MES, this discipline covers the servicing of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, control system troubleshooting, Steam and Hydronic boiler system maintenance and servicing.

2024 Apprentice Applications will be held at the Steamfitters Technology Center starting Monday, June 3rd and ending Saturday, June 22nd.

Both BT and MES accelerated courses are unpaid during the 10 & 18 week programs. Once complete, you will go to work with one of our contractors as a 1st year apprentice.

All apprenticeship training is free. The only cost is the initial $30 application fee.

As a 1st year apprentice, you will earn roughly $20/hr. plus health coverage for you and your family.

Building Trades

Installation of Process Piping Systems

hvac-r services

Mechanical Equipment Service Program



overtime pay

Coverage for you and your family, including limited dental and vision.

medical coverage

Coverage for you and your family, including limited dental and vision.

Union Contractors

Members can access 40+ HVAC contractors who exclusively employ our members.

24/7 Access

You get 24/7 access to union representation should problems arise on the jobsite.

Disability coverage

Coverage which offers assistance if you are injured or ecome ill off the jobsite.

Benefits Follow Employee

Pension, retirement security, and healthcare benefits continue regardless of employer.

Federal Credit Union

Members can set up checking and savings accounts, plus have low interest loan options.

Unparalleled training

The apprenticeship, high quality on-going education and certification are available free.

retirement plans

Two plans for “Retirement with Dignity” which are guaranteed by law.

Retirement Security Annuity Fund

This is a fund in your name with multiple investment options, or you may elect to use the standard investment, which has a 10-year, 7.5% rate of return.

Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Pension fund controlled by the union so that it is not susceptible to reduction or elimination, due to bankruptcy protection or similar problems that arise when companies get into financial difficulties.

interested in the steamfitters? steamfitters?

You can join the steamfitters as an apprentice. Experienced technicians are also encouraged to inquire about placement opportunities.