Apply now to become an apprentice at Steamfitters Local 449! Between building trades or HVAC-R services, you can choose your career without taking out a loan. With an application fee of only $30, your apprenticeship training and education are free throughout the five years, and you’ll earn benefits from day one. 

The last day to apply is Saturday, June 22, and those interested must bring in their completed application to the Technology Center by 12pm. You can learn more about the apprenticeship application process and program from May’s Fitter Feature blog post

Still on the fence about applying? Don’t be! No experience is needed to become an apprentice because the instructors at Local 449 provide the education and training needed. Attitude and passion for hard work are some of the key traits instructors look for when interviewing candidates. Local 449 recruiter Anthony Marshall recalls that he didn’t know what he was doing in the welding booth from his early days in the program but had a strong work ethic and this apprenticeship was his opportunity to showcase that. When the training staff noticed he was unsure of what to do, he wasn’t ridiculed or shamed for his lack of experience. His instructors showed him the proper techniques, knowing he was in the program to learn.  

“This is a place where if you don’t know what to do, you can say that. If you can express your thoughts and communicate, the people here will show you what to do and how to do it,” Anthony Marshall says. He also remembers one of his instructors saying, “You’re not supposed to be an expert; that’s what you’re here for. You’re here to learn how to weld properly and become an expert.” 

Josh Wasielewski, military veteran-turned Local 449 instructor, remembers he didn’t need specific experience in the Steamfitters trade to become an apprentice: “All I needed to bring was the honor, courage, and commitment attitude that I adopted from the military. From there, my instructors taught me what I needed to know.” 

The apprenticeship program is a supportive environment where everyone involved wants to see you succeed. Questions are encouraged because the experience is about learning, making mistakes, and troubleshooting in the classroom and on the tech center floor. Once you leave the program with the education and training under your belt, you become an expert on the job site. 

Thomas Doran, Building Trades and Education Director, says “All you need to do is show up on time with a willingness to learn. Our world-class instructors will take care of the rest.” 

Every Steamfitter starts somewhere and has their journey. Yours can start today. Apply now!