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What You Will Learn

Math, Science, History of local and UA, Hydronics systems, Steam systems, Industrial Instrumentation, HVAC, Computer aided drafting (CAD), Blueprint drawing and interpretation, foreman training. Layout and Fabrication, Medical Gas, Crane Signaling Rigging, and of course Welding (Stick, tig, mig, orbital)

Time You will spend

18 Weeks of Welding, Soldering and Screwed Pipe

The 18 week of training focus on welding in many different positions on plate and pipe using stick, tig, and mig process. Students will also obtain OSHA 10 safety, prepare for OSHA 30, ICRA 8, Arc Flash, Scissor lift, Aerial boom and Fall protection, also learning the basic building blocks of steamfitting.

5 Years On the Job & Weekly Classroom Training

Upon completion, Building Trades apprentices are dispatched to work and return to the Technology Center for one eight hour day every other week for the next five years to complete their training.

jobs you could do

A Steamfitter is used for the entire job of drafting, fabrication welding, and/ installation of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration system, process piping, industrial process piping, hot and chilled water, steam, temperature control, medical gas systems and all associated equipment. Learning Building Trades opens a wide range of work opportunities.

About the Technology

learning resources & tools

Building Trades apprentices are issued an Ipad at the start of their training. Students complete classwork using Blackboard which is a LMS used in several areas of higher education.

Instructor Teaches BIM Class

building informatioN modeling

We teach the apprentices basic Building information Management (BIM) and CAD with Autodesk Software such as Revit.

Career opportunities

frequently asked questions

Things we’re often asked about the Steamfitters Building Trades apprenticeship and training.

Yes, all candidates who are accepted into the building trades apprenticeship must complete the 18-week course.

All schooling is during daylight hours, 7 am to 3:30 pm.

Once every other week. Ex. As a first-year apprentice, you will go to school on Mondays. So, you will go to school on a Monday then work for the contractor Tuesday-Friday. The next week you will work Monday-Friday, then the week after you will come back to school on Monday and work Tuesday-Friday. It ends up being 22 days in a calendar year that you are required to go to school.

You will be placed with a contractor within our 15-county coverage area. We do our best to place you with a contractor who performs work close to your residency.

building trades instructors

Joe Mitsch

Building Trades Instructor


Building Trades Instructor

Biz Mancini

Building Trades Instructor

John Burns

Building Trades Instructor

Tyler Helch

Welding Instructor

Ed Green

Welding Instructor

Ryan Miles

Welding Instructor


Welding Instructor

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interested in the steamfitters? steamfitters?

You can join the steamfitters as an apprentice. Experienced technicians are also encouraged to inquire about placement opportunities.