This month, we are proud to observe National Safety Month, established by the National Safety Council in 1996.  

Safety is Local 449’s number one priority in all aspects of the job, 365 days a year. From the training lab, where our apprentices learn, to the job site, safety is always top of mind. One of the great benefits of being a union apprentice is the extensive safety training that is provided. 

During the five years of training that every apprentice receives, the requirement is to take multiple varying safety courses, including OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration and First Aid training. OSHA training allows Local 449 Steamfitters to work safely and securely to prevent accidents from happening, while First Aid training allows our apprentices to be prepared on the job site in the event of an injury to themselves or coworkers.  

 In addition to mandating training courses for our union brothers and sisters, they are instructed on proper job site safety equipment and PPE. Accidents on the construction site can happen, so complete preparation is paramount.  

 “Our training is designed so that we can make it back home to our families, so it’s important to follow the protocols in place,” Anthony Marshall, Local 449 Recruiter, said. “However, a lot is happening on job sites, so you need to be careful and advocate for yourself! Stop, look, and evaluate the conditions of the work environment before you put yourself in them. If you see something happening that is unsafe, say something.” 

 In addition to the courses taught for each apprenticeship discipline, apprentices receive the following training:  

  • OSHA 30, which includes courses to identify, predict, and avoid hazards in the workplace for safe and healthy work environments 
  • ICRA (Infectious Control Risk and Assessment), which allows Steamfitters to work in hospitals 
  • Aerial Platform Operator Certification, which covers how to operate mobile elevating work platforms  
  • Confined Space Training 
  • First Aid and more!