Since 1996, the American Welding Society has designated the month of April as National Welding Month to bring awareness to the welding industry and its available career paths. This month is also used to celebrate the work of welders who have delivered non-stop quality and contributed to the infrastructure of the world we live in.

Welding is a part of everything around us; Buildings, machines, cars, jewelry, bridges. It should come as no surprise that Western Pennsylvania was built on the welds of the Steamfitters 449 and continues. Thanks to the Steamfitters 449 Building Trades Apprenticeship program, we offer extensive welding training and produce elite welders in our state-of-the-art facility with world class instructors.

Steamfitters also offer courses for seasoned welders to learn new techniques and skills as the trade continues to evolve. Our Steamfitters are able to get welding training certification in many different areas of the craft including Stick, tig, mig and orbital welds. If you would like to learn more about our training programs, click here.

In honor of National Welding Month, we encourage 449 welders to share photos of themselves on the job in celebration of National Welding Month and this prominent skill of our trade! Don’t forget to tag Steamfitters 449 on social media, as well as use the hashtag #NWM2024, so you can see all the other welders celebrating this month.