It’s August 2nd, and that means it’s National CAD Day! Computer-Aided Design has made drafting both more accessible and more versatile by simulating real-world constraints and giving users the tools to make their ideas into working plans. While it takes more time to model ideas and solutions on the computer than on paper, the modern world requires complex designs to tackle complex problems. Be it materials, diameters, lengths, bend angles, or fluid pressure, basically any parameter can be tinkered with to find a solution, and that’s just in piping. The calculations done by a CAD program ensure that when it’s time to take a design to fabrication, Steamfitters will know exactly how it’ll fit and function.

At Local 449, apprentices learn how to design with CAD on industry-defining programs like Revit, AutoDesk, and AutoCAD. By staying on the cutting edge, our members can plan for any problems before setting foot on a job site. CAD makes the life of a modern Steamfitter easier but also more skill intensive. By mastering CAD in apprenticeship, Local 449 journeymen are equipped to be the design authority in the trade.

Local 449 is proud to train and excel in CAD to handle any problem the job site throws at them.