One of the contractors, Wm. T. Spaeder, contributed this video to our news feed. It includes interview with Steamfitters apprentices Jared Szczesny and Mark Holcomb about the apprenticeship and what it means for their careers.

Working in the skilled trades provides a variety of opportunities for those willing to take them. There are over 400 local Steamfitters training centers throughout the United States and over 358,000 journeyman and apprentices. The Steamfitters Local 449 Technology Center in Harmony, PA offers instruction in the latest technology and equipment to prepare apprentices and members for constant changes and innovations to our industry.

The Steamfitters Apprenticeship Program offers two main disciplines: Building Trades, such as welding and process piping, as well as Mechanical Equipment Service like HVAC and refrigeration. The Apprenticeship Program lasts five years. During this time, rather than accrue debt, apprentices earn a living wage while gaining valuable work experience. Apprentices can become journeymen, foremen/superintendents, estimators, project managers, consultants, organizers, business agents, as well as own their own businesses.

Please take  a look at the video above and feel free to check out our Apprenticeship page for more information about what the union has to offer.