Are you ready for a crash course in welding? Local 449 is offering an 18-week starter program for pre-apprentices. This is a great option for young adults to begin their career in the trades, although this program has no age limit.  

The program offers a chance  to see if the trade career path is the right move  before entering Local 449’s apprentice program.  “With this program, in 10 weeks you can pretty much see who would be a great candidate to move on and further their career in the apprenticeship, said instructor Ed Green.” This starter program also gives Local 449 Instructors the chance to see which of the pre-apprentices would be ideal candidates for the five year apprentice program. If it’s a great fit, these candidates can choose to enter the apprentice program, which allows them to learn from some of the best instructors in the trade and receive a hands-on education from Local 449. Not to mention, candidates whosuccessfully complete the apprentice program will graduate with zero debt.  

“Joining the Steamfitters was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was an opportunity for me to level up and better my life. I highly recommend this career path for any young adult,” said Eddie Green. Want to see what you could be experiencing with this 18-week starter program? Check out our social media pages for some behind the scenes footage of what you would be experiencing.