Class Begins Tuesday April 26th from 5:00 pm - 8:00 PM

This is a 4 week course for commercial journeymen who want to understand basic electrical and A/C installation fundamentals.

Electrical and Air Conditioning Training!

April 26th: Introduction to multimeters, discuss Ohms, Volts, and Amperage and the relationships between them. Hands-on lab: Using the multimeter, dial selection, dial symbols and electrical safety.

April 28th: Basic electrical circuits, simple wiring, circuits, and symbols. Hands-on lab: Checking for voltage, how to check for a blown fuse using the multimeter. Understanding a short versus an open circuit. Wire a single pole switch, light, and receptacle.

May 3rd: Electrical symbols and components, use, and function. Basic schematic wiring. Hands-on lab: Wire a single pole switch, a two-pole service switch or disconnect. 3-way and 4-way switch and lite.

May 5th: Basic control wiring and thermostats. Discuss connections and operation. Hands-on lab: Wire a single stage thermostat, wire a two-stage thermostat, wire, and setup a wi-fi thermostat for your home.

May 10th: Air Conditioning basics, 4 major system components and refrigeration cycle. Discuss the Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor and Metering Device. Hands-on lab: Field identify all components and discuss operation and best installation practices.

May 12th: Air Conditioning sequence of operation, tools, refrigeration gages, and vacuum pump. Hands-on lab: Connect a refrigeration gage set and discuss pressure versus temperature.

May 17th: Residential A/C system installation, piping, and wiring system. Hands-on lab: Complete piping, evacuation including power, and control wiring of a 2-ton A/C system.

May 19th: Residential A/C system startup, charge system and use gages, discuss common system problems found in the field.

Contact Brad Tisdale to attend or (724) 683-2100
Steamfitters Technology Center, 230 Wise Road, Harmony, PA 16037